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New York Secret Attractions – Greenpoint

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Greenpoint is also located in Brooklyn, New York, but compared to the famous Dumbo and Williamsburg districts, here is less famous, but because of this, there are many fewer tourists, not only can you truly experience the life of the locals, but also many The store has the characteristics of Brooklyn Wenqing, and all the attractions can be reached on foot. It is very suitable for people who have enough crowded tourist attractions to come for a special day trip itinerary.

Brunch – Milk and Roses

110 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn NY, 11222 The old door has a sense of medieval Europe. Opening the door also continues the atmosphere outside. Retro pianos and sofas come to Europe in a second. The overall feel is warm and elegant. There are also outdoor seats that are suitable for sunbathing and brunch in summer . The food is delicious and not too expensive. It’s usually the price of a two-dollar restaurant. On weekends, there is an all-you-can-drink option for mimosa for $15 an hour. It’s a good deal to hang out with friends! Remember this restaurant only accepts cash, but it’s in-store There are also ATMs for people who don’t have enough cash.

Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters

159 Freeman St, Brooklyn NY, 11222 The old atmosphere of red bricks, coupled with large windows, the sun shines in as if sitting in a painting. Although this cafe is a chain, each has different styles and features, and the decoration of this one belongs entirely to Brooklyn. When I came this time because the weather was too cold, I only ordered a cup of hot cocoa. Although I didn't taste the coffee, the aroma surrounded by the environment was enough for people to enjoy.

Getaway 158 Green St, Brooklyn, NY 11222 Although they call themselves bars, they do not sell any alcoholic drinks, but no matter the appearance, name, or preparation of the drinks, they are very similar to the bar. The menu includes acholhol free wine, bartending and The beer options are very interesting, suitable for people who don’t like to drink but want to feel the atmosphere of the bar. It is also very suitable for children.

WNYC Transmitter Park

Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222 Although it's just a park by the river where you can walk your dog, besides you can see the Manhattan skyline, there are not many people. It is a very leisurely and comfortable environment. Unfortunately, it was cloudy when it came, otherwise it should be more beautiful.

Bellocq Tea Atelier

104 West St, Brooklyn, NY 11222 It’s a cute little shop selling tea. Don’t miss it if you like to drink tea. There are teas from all over the world and professional tea sets. The owner is very enthusiastic. If you have any questions, he will be very professional to help you introduce it. The store will hold tasting events from time to time, but although there is a very cute seating area in the store, tea cannot be used inside, you can only buy tea!

Sunshine Laundromat

860 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222 This laundromat is really special! Outside is a general laundromat. After opening a door pretending to be a washing machine, there is a lively beer bar + various video game machines. The various machines should be able to satisfy all kinds of preferences. I just have to take my clothes to wash here, and I can come in after waiting time. It's a very topical laundry shop!

Lockwood Greenpoint

98 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222 This is a bookstore combined with the concept of a gift shop. The souvenirs sold in it are all super local, mostly based on Brooklyn. Compared with the things you can buy in general tourist areas, the texture here is level up, even if you don’t buy it but just go shopping It's also very interesting.


29 Norman Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222 This is an art exhibition space. In addition, there are also restaurants and coffee shops. Many people drink coffee while working. There are indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces, most of which are installation art exhibitions. There are also clean and designed toilets, which are very suitable for spending an afternoon here.

Brooklyn Brewery

79 N 11th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249 People who like to drink beer should have heard of Brooklyn Brewery's name. The well-known burger restaurant Shake Shack also cooperated with them. If you are curious about how these beers are made, it is worth visiting here. If you are not curious about the process, just want to come. Taste delicious beer and eat some snacks😂, there is also a large dining space in the winery to satisfy you. The beer flight I ordered this time has a total of four glasses, each with its own characteristics, and it is very refreshing and delicious!

The Hidden Pearl

621 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222 A very delicious Japanese secret bar, located in the innermost ramen shop Wanpaku. In addition to the bartending, there are also some Japanese snacks. The price is a bit more expensive because the Japanese food is small, but it is delicious and exquisite. It's also well adjusted. There are not many seats inside. It is recommended to make a reservation first. It is a very suitable place for dates.

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