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New York Renaissance Faire

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

The New York Renaissance Circus first appeared on the site of the Stirling Forest Botanical Garden in 1977. It has a history of more than 40 years. The 260,000-square-meter market is composed of permanent buildings. It has 20 stages and more than 100 shops every year. Starting on the first Saturday of August, nine weekends, like many other circuses, have exciting shows and weekend themes with different storylines every year, such as pirates, time travel, ancient Celtics, etc. People can choose their favorite themes and Participation in the costume play garden party will be changed to a Halloween theme event after the summer opening, called the horror forest. It runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening in October. Here you can visit the 16th century beauty with Queen Elizabeth I The English villages and the majestic Stirling Forest can cheer for your favorite knights in the knight charge horse race. Meet Robin Hood and his friends, enjoy delicious sweets and tempting food, watch amazing acrobats, Magic elves, magical fairies, bluffing pirates, etc. Enjoy a relaxing massage. Children will be happy to see their faces painted and braided into whatever they want. The New York Renaissance Circus has more than 125 talented people. The artisans of the people display and sell their unique handmade products. The country market shows people the ancient skills of glass blowing, leather processing, iron forging, candle making, etc. Here you can buy unique crafts for yourself and your family. The most important thing is the circus One thing is that no matter how it has evolved over the years, it adheres to the full-contact experience of living historical concepts, and hundreds of performers who have brought this city to life! New York Renaissance Circus

New York Renaissance Faire Transportation to the New York Renaissance Circus Address: 600 NY-17A, Tuxedo Park, NY 10987

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