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行程客製化: 文字

Why is "Customized Itinerary?!

Itinerary customization is a new way of travel that has recently evolved from traditional tourism. Based on your personalized needs, from route design to meticulous and thoughtful service, we can create a customized and in-depth personal style for you. Travel, it presents and provides a personalized, exclusive, and unique high-quality travel service. Due to the impact of post-epidemic opening up, people can once again embrace the freedom of traveling around the world. Their desire to travel is stronger than before, and they rely on brands to provide "flexible" bookings. hellocities allows you to find answers in customized itineraries .
Are you pursuing a journey in the name of a dream? Or do you want to take a journey to realize and create your dreams? What if travel is travel...? Most people may not have defined the meaning of their travels in such a simple way, but when they set foot on another land, blind pursuit and blank search always occupy a large part of their travel schedule. But if an in-depth travel itinerary can help you and others understand the meaning of your trip and deeply explore the local history, culture and humanistic life, will you still stick to the traps that make you afraid of stepping on tourist landmines? Here, hellocities provides you with tasteful and in-depth travel customization services, creating an exclusive tailor-made itinerary for you, including ticket reservations, restaurant reservation services (meal fees not included), dedicated airport transfers, and travel planner translation Accompanying, the itinerary is tailor-made, saving you the time and energy of planning and finding places to go, as well as the troubles and worries of being exhausted due to jet lag and exhaustion when you arrive at your destination.

行程客製化: 清單

Itinerary customization process 

Screenshot 2021-06-28 10.23.13.png

Fill in the demand form ➨ contact and communicate with a dedicated person ➨ provide itinerary and quotation ➨ pay the reservation fee ➨ continue to communicate and adjust the progress ➨ pay the balance ➨ prepare to go

Themed tour

Purposeful tourism

# Employee travel (organizations, retired people)
# Family Travel (Affordable for all ages, coordinating family reservation service)
# Three or five friends sightseeing (for fun, like-minded people)


# Wedding shooting related matters, preparatory activities

# School education and training related networking activities, visits and seminars

# Conference Holiday
# We can contact you for any itinerary of business trip or study abroad or related courses

The travel planner will have a detailed discussion with you, starting from collecting your expectations and needs, and using a demand list to create a comprehensive list of items, including attractions/restaurants/shows, that you can check. This is the first review. We will then use the items you checked to help you schedule them in the calendar, including the length of stay and the feasibility of pulling/taking the car. This is the second review. Finally, we will make final adjustments based on your opinions, which is the final itinerary plan.
**PS: If adjustments need to be made after the second review, administrative change fees will be incurred

For example, if your trip is for a week, it is recommended to book a travel planner 3-4 days in advance. For most people who are traveling to a place they have never been to for the first time, having familiar locals to plan the trip is A very popular service. Get your commute and the basics
(e.g. language issues, subway access, tips, taxis, ticket purchasing, shopping, etc.) become easier and make your next few days of travel easier, more convenient, and more secure.

行程客製化: 清單
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