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No time to plan an unforgettable and exquisite journey for yourself? Or because of the language and cultural differences during the journey, worrying about not being authentic enough? Love food, but afraid of stepping on landmines? Or go alone to worry about your own safety?Instead of spending a lot of time planning your itinerary, and the culture and language cannot be mastered overnight, why not let a Chinese travel planner who is proficient in English and Mandarin in New York take you around New York from the perspective of a New Yorker? He/she is your best friend far away, can be your local good neighbor, and also your personal secretary and translator during your journey. He/she like a snake condenses the essence of your journey to the Big Apple and realizes the meaning of your travel And wonderful. If you are a native of the United States from another state and have a strong desire to explore the unique charm of the metropolis in depth, you would like to arrange a New York memory that belongs to you only for your family, friends, and loved ones who have been separated by a long distance for a long time, or You are worrying that you have the intention to accompany them every day but are incapable of doing business. Our team of travel planners are also happy to help you solve problems and provide you with meticulous care and service. Please go to the bottom to fill in the travel services you need or write a letter to inquire about the number of people and groups you are traveling. The service time of the travel planner is in principle 10am-8pm. The units served by the planners are calculated on a daily basis, (7 hours a day) For groups of more than 6 people, please write to us for consultation.

Warm reminder:

A travel planner will take you through local transportation and attraction ticketing, and guide you to familiarize yourself with New York transportation routes and the surrounding environment. Additional activity fees and meals during the reservation time should be included in the guest's expense. For example, if the meal part is during lunch or dinner time, this part of the cost must be paid by the guest. The cost of transportation (such as taxi, railway, boat, ferry, subway or gas) must be paid by the guest. The daily itinerary can start from the place of accommodation to the end, so you don’t need to worry about the traffic route when you book the travel planner’s service. The itinerary will be reconfirmed with you before departure. It will be based on your arrangements or the attractions you want to visit. The planners will help you follow the order of the traffic routes according to your itinerary. Of course, after you make an appointment with a travel planner , You can also discuss the attractions you want to visit with your travel planner. At the end of the day's itinerary, please give an appropriate tip as a reward based on the performance of the travel planner.

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​Our  Team

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​ She is engaged in international trade and has an office background, but she has a rich adventurous spirit. She loves extreme experiences and loves extreme experiences. Traveling is the beginning of sharing. Liz will take you to unlock it Rich itinerary.

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She works in the Florida real estate industry. She has previous experience in serving the news media and has a background of considerable professional knowledge. If you want to have a rich knowledge journey, you must choose her!

Screenshot 2021-06-22 4.46.03.png


Director of photography and producer, is considered as one of the representatives of emerging creative young people who are rapidly rising to the world in China. His job is in a film and television production company, helping Chinese brands establish relationships in North America. If you are interested in fashion, art, small Lisa is definitely the best choice for those who are interested in literary districts and novelty hunters.



With a background in life insurance as well as a real estate and beauty consultant, traveling is one of her passions, and it's a no-brainer to let Yunie take you on a city tour.



Work in an accounting firm. Because I love to travel and make friends, I will do some part-time jobs as local companions in my spare time to meet friends from all over the world. I like to introduce local food in New York, good shopping places, holy places to take pictures, and must-see attractions in New York according to everyone's preferences.



He has an outgoing and lively personality. He has lived in other states, but he likes New York the most. Because of his lively and outgoing personality, he loves social travel and food. His specialty and interest are also photographed for art-themed exhibitions. He has a lot of work experience in New York. At present, besides travel planner, we are also serving in the industry of branded goods.



The Indonesian overseas Chinese has a jewelry designer background. He is warm and friendly and will give you a lot of information about the fashion industry, as well as an extraordinary trip to New York.



They are married to each other. Oliver is engaged in English education. Star owns a comprehensive women's beauty club. He is extremely passionate about food and fashion. The city's attractions have been numb, and she will be a good guide for you to hunt here.

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