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Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome NY

The Old Rheinbeck Airport is a lively airport and museum that operates in a real environment. Unlike other aviation museums, like airports, there are no regular flights on weekdays, but you may see test flights and airport mechanics performing maintenance and work. Staff and mechanics are always happy to talk to visitors. There are different themed performances on weekends. The museum is open from about 10 in the morning and the performance starts at 2 in the afternoon and lasts until about 4 in the afternoon. The airport provides benches, or also You can bring your own seat. Every Saturday shows the "History of Flight" before the First World War of the pioneers of the era, as well as different aircraft displays in the golden age of the 1920s and 1930s. On Sundays, there is a battle flight show at the airport, which will be spectacular. The beautiful women of the World War II era of air combat and role playing cheer for the heroes, tanks, fireworks and antique cars are displayed on weekends, bring adventurous spirit and cameras to watch the exhibitions and performances carefully prepared by the Old Rheinbeck Airport Museum. The entire exhibition and performance are suitable Visitors of all ages, meet the expectations of every airplane fan!

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome 9 Norton Rd, Red Hook, NY 12571

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