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New York Attractions - Central Park Visit classimovie scenes, must-see attractions

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

What can I do in Central Park? Where can I rest when I'm tired? Which are the must-have movie spots? Let me, who run in Central Park every week, introduce you one by one.

When I first arrived in New York, I would run here with friends every week to prepare New York horses. In the summer, I would picnic on the sheep meadow and listen to the summer outdoor symphony.

In spring and autumn, the flowers bloom very beautifully and the weather is very comfortable. It is very suitable for walking out. In winter, you can come to skate and observe the mysterious snowman of passers-by.

Official attractions introduction:

Introduction to Central Park

Central Park, New York, is the largest park in New York. There are activities in all seasons. The most common ones are people running in the park ( me ), picnics on holidays, morning dog walks, and parents running with strollers ( you read that right, New Yorker's peculiar way of fitness )


There are three main subway stations, depending on whether you start to visit from the southern end, the middle end, and the northern end. I personally suggest that you start from the southern end, and there are also the most scenic spots.

  • South End Subway Station:

    • 5 Avenue Station:N, R, W line

    • 59 St – Columbus Circle Station:A, B, C, D, 1 line

    • 57 Street Station:N, R, W line

  • Mid-end subway station:

    • 72 Street Station:B, C line

    • 77 Street Station:B, C line

  • North End Subway Station:

    • 86 Street Station:B, C line

    • 96 Street Station:B, C line

    • 110 St-Cathedral Pkwy Station:B, C line

    • 110 Street Station – Central Park:2, 3 line

Map analysis :


Bicycle rental: Central Park bicycle rental for one day

South End (59-72 Street)

Attraction One、Horse-Drawn Carriage

Image SourceCentral Park

If you approach 59 from Fifth Avenue, you will see a row of carriages. If you want to experience it, take a horse-drawn carriage to walk around Central Park and experience the retro transportation, you can give it a try!

When I run myself, I often see horses poo on the road, but in winter, I don't see horses and carts infestation.

The price will probably fall at USD50 per 20 minutes. The exact price depends on the people driving the carriage at that time. Sometimes there will be a conspicuous price list on the carriage.

Attraction 2: The Pond (photo spot)

When you first came in, you would see The Pond, because when taking pictures, you can take pictures of the surrounding high-rise buildings, and there are often many people taking pictures here.

This is also a simple, easy-to-climb boulder, and the scenery it climbs is also very good to take pictures, and you can also take pictures of the Gapstow Bridge.

Attraction three, Gapstow Bridge ( photo spot )

Attraction three, Gapstow Bridge ( photo spot )

Movie scene:

Attraction Four、Central Park Zoo

Image SourceNew York Welcome

Although Central Park Zoo is not big, there are sea lion performance area, polar circle area, and tropical rain forest area. If you bring children, you can go in and see if you want to visit Madagascar.

There is also a penguin area next to it, which is also a very popular attraction!

Movie scene: Madagascar

Attractions Five Wollman Rink ice skating

This is a very early skating rink. Apart from the Bryant Park skating rink, this is the most popular skating rink. If you come in winter, I highly recommend you to come skating.

If you already have skates, you can bring your own to wear them. If you don’t have them, you can rent them on site, which is very convenient.

Movie scene: Home Alone II、Serendipity

Attraction 6、The Mall Boulevard

There are boulevards on both sides, and sometimes there will be people performing music and some people will set up stalls.

If there are events in Central Park, it is often used as a bag storage area.

Attractions Seven、Sheep Meadow Picnic place

This is a big piece of green grassland. During holidays, everyone can come here for a picnic. I am no exception. You can buy some food from Whole Foods next to it, bring your own picnic mat, and you can rest comfortably here.

Enjoy a leisurely afternoon, reading a book, having a picnic, and chatting with friends. (The food in the picture is all bought at Whole Foods and come here to rest) But in winter, this grassland will enter the recuperation period, and it will be open for picnics in spring.

Middle ( 72-86 street )

Attractions Eight、The Lake boating

Image SourceCentral Park

This is the second largest man-made lake in Central Park. You can go boating in spring and summer, and you can see a frozen lake in winter.。

Attraction 9、Bow Bridge( Photo spots

The center of The Lake is Bow Bridge. Many movie scenes are shot here. If you don't have a boat, you can also walk on the bridge. The floor is made of wood, which is very antique.

It is also the spot where I often take pictures when I see tourists.

Movie scene:

Attraction 10, Loeb Boathouse Dock Restaurant

This is the place where boat rental is provided. If you want to row a boat, you can rent it here. But here not only provides boat rental, but also provides simple meals, it is very suitable for a little rest here.

Rent a boat, about USD15, deposit USD20, remember to get back the deposit USD20 after skiing.

Movie scene: Spider-Man 3

Attraction 11, Bethesda Terrace Angel Fountain ( photo spot )

This fountain is also a must-photograph for tourists. Although it takes a walk, this fountain commemorates the naval officers who died during the Civil War and represents peace and health.

In winter, there will be no water. If it is summer or spring, you will see green trees in the background, and many people will boat in the lake.

Image source: Central Park Conservancy

The philanthropist George Delacorte donated it to children in New York City in 1959. People who love Andersen's fairy tales must come to take pictures.

When the weather is good, many children will climb up to play.

Attractions 13. Belvedere Castle Belvedere Castle

This is the highest point of the entire park, and you can overlook the entire park. It is only open until five o'clock in the afternoon.

I like to look from top to bottom, I can see the small green pond.

North End ( 86-110 Street )

This is my Thanksgiving Day, at the north end of the park, participating in a turkey road run.

Attractions 14. Reservoir Lake

This is the largest lake in this park. There is a fountain in the middle. Many people will run around the lake. When I first came, my professor recommended me to run here.

He said that when he was a PhD student, he would definitely come here for a run after the experiment was done at night.

This photo was taken when I came for a run almost in the evening.

Four Seasons Activities

Activity 1: Summer Symphony

Summer symphony, I came here in June 2018. You can refer to the Central Park official website. Everyone comes here with picnic mats.

This is a free event, there will be live symphony performances, you can see how full the people are when you see the photos.

Activity 2: Watching a movie in Central Park

Image SourceTime out

In New York, there are also many park watching movie activities, called Summer Free Movie. In the summer, big screens will be placed in different parks and movies will be shown at night.

All you need to do is bring a picnic mat or chair, see if you like a movie, and you can experience it on the spot !

Activity 3: New York Marathon

The New York Marathon is one of the six major marathons in the world. Every year, experts from all over the world take part in the flight. The cool thing about this race is that the route passes through the five major districts of New York: Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. , Bronx.

The cheering in each area is very passionate, and it has the characteristics of each area. If you visit New York in November, you can experience the blood of New York horses on the weekend !

Activity 4: skating

If it is winter, I highly recommend you to experience ice skating at the ice rink at the southern end.

Must go around

Must go to the Metropolitan Museum

The Metropolitan Museum is just on the east side of Central Park. If you want to rest in the middle, this is also a good choice.

Natural History Museum

It happens to be located on the west side of Central Park. People who like nature and natural science can also visit here.

Movie Attractions: Night at the Museum

Fifth Avenue Apple Store

The classic glass windows are known as the largest Apple store in New York. If you are on Fifth Avenue and just want to buy Apple products, you can take a look.

Readers' common Q&A

Q1: If I am tired from shopping, where can I go to rest?

Regardless of the season, I highly recommend Columbus Circle, the basement next door, Whole Foods, where there are buffets, supermarkets, and seats.

It is very suitable for travelers, resting in the sights. After walking in, there is an escalator, a supermarket below, and seats.

It's a place I like very much!

Q2: If I want to run in Central Park, is there a storage area?

If you want to come here for a run, I also recommend Time Warner next to Columbus Circle. You can put things in the Running Store on the second floor. There are also regular running groups every week, which are all free. There are often races in New York, so there are also many free running groups, which will take everyone to run and get back exercises every week.

Thank you for this article’s authorization and sponsorship from New York Engineers JACK

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