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Eastern Culture Garden in Upstate NY Innisfree Garden| Surprising parks

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Eastern Culture Garden in Upstate NY Innisfree Garden Innisfree Garden

Located in Millbrook, a small town about two hours' drive from downtown New York

The entire garden covers about 150 acres

It’s Lester Collins. It took 15 years.

Inspired by Chinese garden architecture

Combine the essence of modernism and romanticism

Integrate traditional Chinese and Japanese garden design principles into one

Quiet and peaceful landscape garden in the 1920s, this was originally the country house of the artist Walter Beck and his wife

They met and loved each other after middle age

Walter Beck is a painter of gardens, graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in Munich

Art has a common obsession, Mrs. Beck inherited a large inheritance from the father of the king of mining

Including this 150-acre field in Millbrook

Although the scenery here is beautiful, it doesn’t have much to do with culture

They don’t want to build this place into a tedious and old-fashioned Renaissance mansion

Until the 1930s, I saw Wang Wei’s Wang Wei, a Chinese painter and poet of the Tang Dynasty. The painting took the villa as the main body and center, expanding outwards. The details and uniqueness of Walter’s paintings

The "cup-shaped garden" of the structural form impresses and inspires inspiration

I wanted to build a garden that interprets his poetry and paintings and integrates oriental Zen in 1938, at a lecture on Chinese gardening at Harvard University.

They met young student Lester Collins, and the three of them worked together to put their ideas into reality

They carefully built the Asian garden in their hearts, step by step, and every turn has a different surprise

Later, this young student Lester Collins became the head of the Department of Landscape Architecture at Harvard University School of Design.

He is also a very famous international garden architect.

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