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Croton Point Park Hudson New York

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Croton Point Park Croton Point Park Croton Point Park is located on the largest peninsula in the Hudson River Valley. Croton Point Park has its own train station at only 30 miles from New York City! In the 1800s, the Underhill family owned the land and planted grapes, watermelons and apples. There is also a brick factory. Most of the land where the park is located was a landfill between 1927 and 1986. Now the landfill has been cancelled and restored to green space. The park has many public attractions, including hiking trails, museums, natural research institutes, pavilions, playgrounds, and beaches. Many events are held every year. In addition, you can directly enter Haverstrom Bay, the widest part of the Hudson River, from the park by kayaking or canoeing, as if you are in the ocean! Accompanied by good friends and incredible scenery. The park’s open lawn has picnic tables, grills, and a huge pavilion for reservation. Cattails swaying in the swamp, open grass, dense forests, they are all connected to easy hiking trails! While enjoying the beautiful scenery, camping, setting up a tent or hanging up an RV, Croton Point Park is one of the most popular camping sites for New Yorkers. In the middle of summer, July and August, after sunset in the park, there are dots of fireflies on both sides of the road. If you are tired of the parks in Manhattan, come to Croton Point Park and have a good picnic time!

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