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Best photo spots in New York City

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Uptown residential area to Lower city area

Skyscrapers, graffiti, fascinating passersby and the wonderful nod of nature-the Big Apple is a photographer's playground. If you are looking for the best place to take pictures in New York City, then you certainly don't have to go too far. From the chaos of the bustling downtown and the penguin suits all over the streets, to the dirt, character and art of the Lower East Side, New York is a magical power that no other city in the world can match.

The careers of legendary figures such as Alfred Stieglitz, Berenice Abbott, Diane Arbus, etc. have attracted the attention of every administrative district. Provide an undeniable and irresistible atmosphere. This is why even if you boast that the city never sleeps, for professional photographers (or active Instagram users) it is more like a never-ending shutter.

If your wanderlust is about to fly to this iconic town soon, please take a photo in New York City:

Sohu District and West Village

Whether you are guiding your inner Carrie Bradshaw or playing with a stooping gesture, these two neighborhoods are among the best photo spots in New York. The Sans skyscraper feels more relaxed and local, with brownstones and deli shops in every corner. These areas are still lively, with brickwork and greenery on both sides, juxtaposed with the new buildings. When you glance at your shoulder while holding the coffee in your hand, you can capture the action shots; you can also sit smugly on the steps of others. (They might not mind.)


Take the L train to Brooklyn and get ready to be amazed by one of the best photo spots in New York. Like the biggest pizza, it's greasy and greasy, but Fort Willie also offers other specialties: specialties. From the waterfront view of the Manhattan skyline to the graffiti wall lurking between the two buildings, it's not just fashionable culture that will fascinate you.

If you want to continue wandering, being a neighbor to the east of Williamsburg, Bushwick will walk along iconic destinations to witness amazing street art, as well as Wynwood Wall in Miami or Medellin, Columbia ( Comellin) Comuna 13.

Brooklyn Bridge

Some of the best attractions in New York City are not in Manhattan, but outside of Manhattan. In this case, it is located between the two most popular administrative regions. As it is often crowded with commuters and tourists, it is recommended to arrive early in the morning. Here, you can capture the uninterrupted skyline at sunrise or sunset, as well as the blue sky or the light from buildings at dusk. For added fun, please consider cycling on this huge structure so that you can explore the scenery from multiple angles.

central Station

This is an indispensable evil for those professionals who commute to get off work every day, but when you are looking for a place to take pictures in New York City, the Greater Central District is definitely not to be missed. At the corner of 42nd Street and Park Avenue in Midtown, this landmark building was built in 1871 and is almost in its original state. Whether you are watching the morning scrub every day or watching the sun shine into the terminal building, you will feel sluggish back to old New York.

Metropolitan meseum

Even New Yorkers who have lived in New York for decades will do their best to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Metropolitan Museum at least once a year. Whether you are exploring the seasonally rotating exhibits or enjoying the sweeping views of Central Park from the rooftop with a rooftop summer cocktail, it is definitely one of the best photo spots in New York City.

Fifth Avenue

Chanel, Armani and Tiffany are just a few legendary fashion companies that have flagship stores in this high-end area. From the edge of Central Park past St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue provides some of the best photo spots in New York. You can pretend to be Audrey Hepburn in Tiffany's breakfast room, or you can pretend to be Eloise's childhood in The Plaza. Due to the heavy traffic, even taking a taxi on this street is worth it. And it's expensive!

One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower) Although the Empire State Building is considered one of the most important skyscrapers in the Manhattan skyline, there are other high-rise buildings that can be admired from thousands of feet above the city’s bustling streets. Aerial View. We recommend that you upgrade to the highest fare for Top of the Rock or One World Trade Center, as both prices can overlook Manhattan from above. Paying to arrive before or after the crowd will give you more time to get your image right-no 40 people will pop out of your frame. When you think of where to take pictures in New York, this is the vast, jaw-dropping skyline view you have always dreamed of, trust us. Whitney Museum and Museum of Modern Art

Some photographers like to capture street art, and some photographers want to become masterpieces of street artists. This is why these two museums offer very diverse collections and are the best places for art lovers in New York City to take photos. Interesting walls, imaginative scenery and plenty of light will make you lose at least half of your time in the beauty of the Whitney Museum and the Museum of Modern Art.

central Park

For the concrete jungle defined by bustling streets and dynamic landscapes, Central Park provides an oasis desperately needed by madness. Separating the Upper West Side from the east, it is easy to admire the flowers, fields and charm of this 840-acre greenery throughout the day. Some of New York’s best attractions are here, including Strawberry Park, Jacqueline Onassis Reservoir, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Bethesda Terrace and Walman Ice Rink (to name a few).

time Square

Although most photographers prefer quiet time to focus more on their work, one of the best photo locations in New York City requires a busy crowd. Times Square, as the heartbeat of the city, only a few locals will venture to participate. It is the annual New Year's Eve celebration, live talk shows, the theater community, and the birthplace of neon lights. Our best suggestion is to visit at night, when you can see the night light, hear the mixture of countless languages, and take some wonderful photos.

Bryant Park

On the one hand, the New York Public Library, on the other hand, the starting point of the skyscraper on the west side. Kobe Park is a place where many locals escape from nature every day. As one of the best photo spots in New York City, this greenery provides something for every season. From ice rinks and holiday markets in the winter to summer festivals and outdoor movies in the summer, there are many reasons why people flock to the 42nd Street hotspot.

Flatiron Daxia

With the Madison Square Park building as your second protagonist, the Flatiron District will easily become one of New York’s best attractions. Between Chelsea and Union Square, you will see healthy interactions between professionals in suits and entrepreneurs who start their own businesses on the fly, strolling on their daily commute to and from get off work. For one of the images that exclaimed New York City, we recommend that you get a taxi while the camera in front of the Flatiron building smiles. Although locals may be annoyed, you will definitely find this lens worth buying from Insta.


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