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New York wine tasting – Angry Orchard Brewery

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

I believe everyone living in the United States should have heard of the name of Angry Orchard, famous for brewing cider, so that many people who don’t like the flavor of beer can also drink alcohol with the taste of fruit wine that is more acceptable to the public. In fact, the brewery of Angry Orchard Located in Walden, New York, one and a half hours from downtown Manhattan, it is a suitable place for family walks on weekends.

Angry Orchard Introduction

The parent company of Angry Orchard is Boston Beer Company, which is the brewery that produces the famous Samuel Adams series of beers. People don’t feel that they are drinking alcoholic beverages. It’s not an exaggeration to say that they are apple juice. Therefore, after they launched the three most classic ciders, they quickly accounted for 50% of the American cider market within two years. The parent company’s 20% source of income.

But even though it is a fruit wine, it feels quite different from Taiwan's fruit-flavored drinks or other fruit-flavored beverages. Because this is really made with apples, it has a completely natural apple taste, sweet and sour. Through different apple varieties and brewing methods, it creates a feeling of completely different flavors although they are all fruit wines.

Angry Orchard Winery introduction

The winery has an attached parking lot. If it is full, the staff will guide you to the nearby parking lot, and there is a free shuttle bus to and from both sides (you can also walk, about 10 minutes walk.)

After entering, you will see the apple trees on both sides are very cute, the staff will each give out a wine bottle cap, with the cap you can redeem a group of fruit wine flights for free, a flight has a total of three glasses, and the heart of the Buddha is completely Free! After you get it, you can find a seat and sit down to taste.

📌 Update after the epidemic: I took a look on the official website. At present, the table needs to be reserved due to the epidemic situation. A table can seat up to 6 people, which is quite cost-effective.

There are indoor and outdoor wine tasting spaces, and there is also an orchestra outside. Many parents also bring their children. Parents enjoy wine tasting, and the children are also very comfortable rolling around on the grass 😂. If you need food, there are also two or three dining carts next to you to buy, but the choice of dining carts is not necessarily because local vendors come to set up the stalls. The chicken wings and tacos I bought this time are quite delicious.

In addition to the classic fruit wines, there is also Frozen Rose, which is super refreshing to drink in summer, and I really think that draft is much better than wine in aluminum cans or glass bottles. I don't know if it's psychologically more fresh.

The experience was really good this time, the environment was very comfortable and relaxing. I didn’t have to pay for a three-cup flight (Obasan mentality), so although I don’t usually drink cider because I don’t feel like drinking, I still have fun Very happy, I believe that if you are a person who loves to drink fruit wine, you should enjoy it more. 2241 Albany Post Rd, Walden, NY 12586

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