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Sunshine City|Saint Petersburg|Florida

St. Petersburg is the fourth largest city in Florida and is also a well-known resort city. The urban area is mainly for the development of sightseeing, so there are many rich cultural resources including handicraft shops, museums, and galleries , concerts, boutiques and coffee shops, restaurants, walking, cycling, shopping, etc. are the best places to enjoy leisure and the perfect family holiday destination. The main tourist attractions in the city are the Dali Art Museum, the St. Petersburg Art Museum and the St. Petersburg Pier. The local area often holds a variety of events on weekends, such as the annual boat show, supercar events, the largest Pride street closures, parades, etc., and there are convenient buses to and from the downtown to the beach, and there are also ferries to and from downtown Tampa, and you can also see dolphins in Tampa Bay often.

St. Pete Pier

There are many installations around St. Peter's Wharf, which are very cute, as well as the Tiki Bar,Looking around, you can see the scenery of the entire Downtown St.P, which is very spectacular!

St. Petersburg Since it is a well-known sightseeing spot, of course there is no shortage of delicious food! Personally, because I love exotic cuisine and Asian food, the following are places that I think are very recommended and go to eat here !

Being mostly European and Latino in this area, this bento reminds me of my hometown food! Healthy and delicious ~ they also have pearl milk tea!

Bacchus Wine Bistro

Authentic French cuisine with shelled snails ~


I really like the atmosphere of this French restaurant. It not only combines artistic and bohemian style, but also warm and lovely. The food and wine are also very good! Another shop outside the restaurant is their small second-hand shop, which has all kinds of antiques and second-hand goods in unexpected styles.

Rococo Steak Sophisticated and elegant steakhouse! The exterior looks like a mansion.

Birchwood Canopy

A rooftop bar facing Tampa Bay.

Fresco`s Waterfront Bistro

The only seafood restaurant located at the start of St. Pete Pier with a great view of the Municipal Pier!

Enjoy cocktails and delicious food while admiring the view.

Hurricane Seafood restaurant

A sea restaurant located on St. Pete Beach, the rooftop bar, you can see the beautiful sunset!

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