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Recommended attractions around TAMPA | FLORIDA

Updated: Feb 16

Tampa is famous for being a seaport city on the west coast of the Florida peninsula and connecting to the Gulf of Mexico.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa is the longest concrete cable-stayed bridge in the world, I personally because really

I love food and the ocean too much, so I always find some places to relax my body and mind, will share with you many beautiful places with sea views here!

Sparkman Wharf water street Here you can not only watch the huge video wall of the ball game outdoors, but also have a wide variety of snack shops gathered around, you can also play games such as bowling and pool billiards indoors. Skyline, entertainment is very diverse!

Not far from the neighborhood, you can walk slowly to connect to the RiverwalK

and another place that I personally like very much, Armature works

There is a wider space connected to Tempe Bay, and there are many new apartment buildings around it, and the surrounding area continues to expand. There are Asian food bento, Mexican Taco, and rooftop bars, dessert shops.... .It should have a huge food street, and the championship yacht parade of the quarterly hockey game will also pass through the surrounding Tampa Bay. The skyline at night is very relaxing, and there are sometimes outdoor movies playing. When you sit on the wooden chair outside and look up at the sky, it feels very comfortable! A great place to hang out with friends!

( Pronounced You-lay-lee ) located on the Tampa River Walk overlooking the Hillsboro River in Tampa Heights, operates from the well-designed 1903 Tampa Heights Waterworks building, which also includes the Ulele Spring Brewery, Offers a wide selection of off-the-shelf craft beers. Waterworks Park is next door, once home to many Native Americans, and there are several Native American statues around the restaurant.

Haiku Sushi  

It's a super cool complex Japanese restaurant, the decor and atmosphere inside will make you feel like you are in a nightclub, they play the music very loud, and the people who come here are very fashionable, and there is a ka The Nani Buddha statue, of course the cooking, the bartending and shochu taste very authentic and special too!

It's a great place for dates and girls' parties as well as birthdays!

Oxford exchange

It is a Fancy restaurant. It is located in downtown Tampa. It combines a bookstore, a coffee shop, a lifestyle gift shop, a co-working space, a design studio and an event venue. The upstairs design feels like a small museum with an open atrium. The skylights flood the seats with natural sunlight, and there is a miniature fountain behind them. Afternoon tea and lunch here, the atmosphere is great!


An American restaurant with very friendly service. The waiter will introduce you in detail and explain any questions you have. The taste of the food is healthy and smooth. It is one of the restaurants in the Armature works food center!

A trendy new rooftop/new neighborhood rooftop bar restaurant with 360 degree views of downtown Tampa and St. Petersburg and Clearwater, as well as authentic Spanish food, it feels great here Like living across from your home or downstairs, you can easily communicate with residents and neighbors in an unparalleled background, and promote the cocktails here!

Salt Shack On The Bay

My personal favorite seafood restaurant, not only the scenery is very beautiful, but the whole atmosphere is very leisurely and comfortable, very suitable for events and wedding banquets! The open bar space is separated from the indoor area, creating a contrast of two distinct styles, with outdoor seating adjacent to the seaside scenery, a rare combination of prime location, bay-to-table food and a casual beachside bar scene. Guests can arrive by land or sea, park or drive, and spread out on the beach after a meal, with sweeping west views overlooking Old Tampa Bay and downtown St. Petersburg. !

Surfers have a name that refers to the place in the water where the waves break and the real surfing action takes place. Sunday pool parties, signature seafood dishes or the heavenly waterfront view that we and all our guests can enjoy every day,

This place is The Hula Bay Club and Duke's Retired Surfer's Island Bar.

Immerse yourself in a lush, laid-back island paradise landscape on the Tampa Bay waterfront next to Florida's premier marina operator, Port 32, even for the father of modern surfing and namesake, Duke Kahanamoku, a great place to be with good A place to experience great food with friends and really sit back and relax! The design is so cool, it lights up in the water at night, then you can dine with the catfish, and of course you can always enjoy the experience with your food for them!

If you/you're a party animal, you'll love this place, frequent musical party events, overlooking beautiful Tampa Bay, the ultimate seaside getaway, offering unforgettable poolside luxury, tropical setting, daytime lounging on the sofa Relax on the bed and lounge chair while enjoying refreshing craft cocktails and dining based on a unique menu, a must-see for ultimate entertainment!

Open since 1986, it features a private beach, marina lounge, outdoor decks and seating, and bay views that frame the interior and are worthy of your memorable moments, and Sunday Brunch has been voted "Best Brunch in Tampa" , and claiming to be the best seafood, it is a very romantic date spot and a great place to go to enjoy food with the family during the festive season!

To learn more about Florida attractions or to help plan your trip,

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