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The World's Largest Fire Museum New York Hudson|Amazing Land|

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

New York Hudson FASNY Fire Museum-the world's largest fire museum

The FASNY Fire Museum in Hudson, New York was established in 1925

Initially only 4 fire trucks were donated

Has now developed into an educational institution covering more than 50,000 square feet

Owns 90 vintage and rare fire trucks dating back to 1731

It is the largest fire museum in the world. Thousands of fire protection artifacts are collected, maintained and displayed in the museum.

From fire trucks, equipment, equipment to photos and text materials, etc.

By interpreting its unparalleled collection and many interesting interactive exhibits, events and activities

The Fire Museum attracts visitors of all ages

The mission of the museum is to educate a diverse audience about the history of fire protection

Culture, services to humans, preventive measures, and ever-changing technology

By providing an excellent fire safety prevention plan

Fascinating and comprehensive exhibition and

Major special events with popular appeal

To tell the story of firefighters and firefighters to the guests of the museum to ensure that for thousands of visitors every year

Is an unforgettable and rich experience

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