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Vermont, a must-see in this life. Woodstock, a small town, woodstock. Jenne Farm. Jenne Far

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Autumn leaves in Vermont, Vermont This life must be punched in|Small town Woodstock woodstock|Jenne Farm.Jenne Farm Forrest Gump filming location|Sleepy Hollow Farm filming location of the movie "Little Women"

Vermont must check in

(1) Jenne Farm, the filming location of "Forrest Gump"

Address: 1279-1163, Jenne Rd, Reading, VT 05062

(2) The filming location of the Sleepy Hollow Farm movie "Little Women".

Address: 3429Cloudland Rd, Woodstock, VT 05091

(3) Woodstock, a small town, will check in 50 towns in the world in this life


(4) Quebee Gorge Bridge

Address: US-4, White River Junction, VT 05001

(5) Quechee State Park


Every year in autumn, I go to Vermont to enjoy autumn leaves.

It’s like dressing up for Halloween and carving a pumpkin,

I want to drink and watch Christmas movies at Christmas and make dumplings for the New Year.

In February and March, the Oscars and the Super Bowl have formed a sense of life ritual that cannot be beaten.

The season comes when Apple cider and Starbucks pumpkins start to play the leading role every year,

I will look forward to this year's autumn leaves and look for it.

Every year I am familiar with those red, orange, yellow and green,

But again and again to see the beauty that is different every year, it’s amazing,

Sometimes I even think, in which life did such an indissoluble bond form?

This year, I finally booked the hotel early and came to Vermont in a 4-hour drive.

Thanks for this article’s authorization to sponsor since VFLECT


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