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Fantastic train journey through the age of "Gone with the Wind" Strasbourg Railway Lancaster County,

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Strasburg Rail Road Strasburg Rail Road

Address 301 Gap Rd, Ronks, PA 17572


I want to travel to the age of "Gone with the Wind",

It takes only three hours to drive from New York to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

The most attractive thing here is the local Amish community.

They are descendants of the Swiss, and they have adhered to the way of life in the 19th century and traveled by horse-drawn carriages.

In addition to riding a carriage, you can also experience a wonderful train journey here

Strasburg Rail Road is the oldest train track in American history and the only existing commercial steam railway in North America.

It still operates by manually adding coal to output power, thereby operating, adding unlimited retro charm.

I believe that many young people have never actually seen a steam train, let alone take a ride,

In addition to beautiful scenery, this trip has a feeling

Here you can experience a real steam train, and the interior of the train is restored in an authentic Victorian style.

Enjoy the warmth of a large and comfortable boiler on cold days.

When the weather is warm, open the windows to breathe in fresh air. Ride an old steam train through Lancaster County,

Looking out the window, it feels like going back in time,

Or stepping into a certain literary and artistic movie, and passing by Amish school, factories, and farms along the way,

There will be radio explanations on the way.

Travel through the picturesque countryside

The fruits of the farm divide the endless field into color patches of different colors,

Waving enthusiastically with the villagers along the way.

Come and experience another form of the enthusiasm of the Amish villagers.

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