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Miami's best clubs

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Miami is famous for its parties and nightlife activities. The exotic lifestyle of this city attracts millions of tourists. It is no secret. Are you looking for relaxing entertainment and dreamy places to have a drink? Miami is home to many legendary nightclubs, now let’s explore the best clubs in Miami !

Club Space Club Space has won multiple awards, such as Best Dance Club in 2019, located in the heart of Miami. It is considered to be one of the best dance clubs for DJ Mada, Danyelino and Thunderpony in residence. The wonderful music makes it the best choice for party animals who want to spend a happy time. Club Space also has incredible lighting effects that will make you in the mood to participate and party. Unlike many clubs in Miami, this club does not have a strict dress code, but it is recommended to dress elegantly to avoid embarrassment. It usually opens every Saturday night and stays open all night. In most cases, it stays open until Sunday or Monday afternoon! Different DJs perform in the club space. But, for example, at Miami Music Week, on nights when DJs such as Solomon, Rocco Diss, Martinez Brothers, Jamie Jones, Nicole Mundab and Dabfield perform rise. If you are looking for a nightclub where you can participate in a marathon for more than 35 hours and witness the B3B, then Club Space is your ideal choice.


Treehouse is an underground nightclub where you can enjoy deep chamber music. With its unique decoration and lighting system, it brings you the feeling of a family gathering. The treehouse is in Miami Beach. This is a fabulous nightclub. You can enjoy all kinds of music here every weekend. There are different DJ performances every weekend. The music types range from deep chamber music to Techno or tr music. The tree house is open from Wednesday to Sunday. However, it is best to visit on weekends for the best experience. It has a flexible and straightforward dress code. In this way, you can dress casually, and the legal age to enter the Treehouse is 21 years old. Treehouse is an ideal club for Deep House and Techno music lovers.

Do Not Sit On The Furniture

What a club with an interesting name, isn't it? That’s right, please leave your sofa. This club provides amazing music, so you don’t want to sit on your sofa chair. Do Not Sit On The Furniture is a private leisure club located in South Beach. Enjoy beautiful music here. DJ Behrouz and DJ Will Renuart turned it on. It is completely different from other clubs in Miami. It does not focus on exclusivity and high-end customers. On the contrary, it focuses on beautiful music, dancing and a fantastic atmosphere. It has a creative and exciting atmosphere. This unique nightclub is open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM. The dress code is flexible. Therefore, you can wear simple clothes and sneakers, so if you need a cordial atmosphere to have fun, then "Do Not Sit On The Furniture" would be a good choice.


If you are looking for a club that can effectively capture the lively nightlife of Miami? Look no further! E11EVEN is a high-end nightclub dedicated to one performance every night. The club has different functions according to the time of day. During the day, it acts as a day club with lounge. In the evening, it completely becomes a performance club with elaborate performances and entertainment programs. The interior decoration of E11EVEN is very beautiful. It has a roof deck where you can spend all the rest of the party. This exotic club has many theatrical performances. It also provides performances for dancers in exquisite costumes. The atmosphere is exciting and unique. E11EVEN is open all day every week. It gets busier and crowded on weekends. The dress code of E11EVEN is very strict. Therefore, you need to be exquisite and high-end. You may be turned away due to improper dressing. E11EVEN is A club designed for people who want clubs of different sizes.

Floyd If you are a fan of classical and sophisticated clubs, Freud is the ideal place for you. The club is located in downtown Miami, unlike regular Miami clubs. Floyd is famous for its classic cocktails. This extraordinary club offers cocktails to customers. Its tranquil, elegant environment sets it apart from most clubs in Miami, Floyd Miami It also provides live music performances so that people can enjoy high-quality music, which provides customers with exciting new experiences. The waiting time here is generally 10-25 minutes. The club’s business hours are from Thursday to Saturday. Since Floyd is a high-end club, the dress code is strict. In order to easily pass the Floyd’s clothing regulations, you need to dress well and strictly prohibit sports. Shorts are not allowed for men in casual and casual wear. Therefore, your clothing should be elegant and high-end in order to blend in with the environment.


You can find this nightclub at 136 Collins Avenue in Miami Beach. The Story nightclub provides you with the ultimate nightlife experience. The Story is spacious and has creative decoration. Most nights, its lighting effects are designed in the style of a live concert. , It has a circus theme. Similarly, it has an impressive sound system designed to provide club members with wonderful music and sounds. The Story Nightclub also provides customers with exquisite bottled services. Here, there are many senior customers A dedicated VIP table. The types of music played in the Story range from EDM to the latest hip-hop music. It also has popular performances by top DJs. In order to adapt to the elite crowd in the Story, you need to wear clothes to impress yourself, if you want By Story, the club is open from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and there are usually many activities on weekends.


This is one of the hottest and most interesting clubs in Miami. LIV has more than 18,000 square feet of unique buildings. It has a unique and amazing design. Similarly, LIV has attracted much attention. Looking forward to seeing celebrities here? There are many celebrities in this club. Enjoy the interior decoration at LIV, you can watch all your favorite celebrities and the huge stars on the ceiling up close. The guest list and impressive services provide a unique and unique experience. Its music is equally impressive. The club offers a variety of music and live performances. Its dance floor is large enough to accommodate many customers. For those who like VIP treatment, LIV provides a private fluorine service system. The club is open every Wednesday to Sunday from 11:00 PM to 5:00 AM. However, it is best to obtain tickets in advance to reduce costs and waiting time.


It is one of the most unique clubs in Miami Beach. Wall has the best design imaginable, almost impenetrable. It has a hosting capacity of approximately 300-450. Its small size makes it very unique. Therefore, only elite customers are allowed to enter. The club also provides bottle service and table service. All tables are very close to the dance floor. Therefore, you will not miss any action. Since the club is the favorite holiday destination of most celebrities, celebrities have always had their eyes on Wall. Wall provides a variety of deep house music and electronic music. Usually open on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Opening hours are from 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM. However, Friday and Saturday provide the best experience. Since Wall is a high-end and exclusive club, the dress code is strict. You need to dress well to avoid being rejected. Rockwell

Rockwell Rockwell is one of the top clubs in South Beach and the favorite club of most celebrities. It offers a variety of modern hip-hop music and live performances. The club is famous for its Monday night performances and offers you the best in Miami Music experience, here, you never know what will happen next, the music ranges from popular music in the 80s to the latest hip-hop performances. New hip-hop singers perform at this high-end club at the same time, and offer bottled and table service. The dance floor next to the table ensures that you can enjoy all the movements. Since it can only accommodate 500 people, it is difficult to enter with a general identity. This is mainly for elites. Class. Therefore, you will need to wear high-end clothing to fit in to get admission tickets. If you want a combination of sophistication and enthusiasm, Rockwell will be your ideal place.

Wynwood Factory

Wynwood is one of the top clubs. It is a combination of event space structure and nightclub. Louis Puig owns it. The Wynwood factory owner aims to promote Wynwood’s music and entertainment industry. This club provides guests with high-quality music and The service area is also very spacious because it includes three large rooms and an outdoor terrace. However, only two rooms are open to guests. Drinks are very cheap here. The club has three bars offering different drinks. It also offers bottled service and a separate VIP area. The guarantee fee is usually set at $15. The Wynwood Factory is known for its first-class service and high-quality music, so if you are looking for a club that provides quality service and excellent music, then this is your first choice. Basement

Ian Schrager designed this adult playground. The Miami basement consists of a large ice rink, bowling alley and many unique facilities. The combination of these functions brings an exciting visual and sensory experience to guests, which is different from some other top clubs in Miami. It is not the only space. Instead, it focuses on inclusiveness, so anyone can visit this exciting nightclub. This nightclub provides a whole new world experience. It is equipped with a first-class sound system and dramatic lighting. The world-famous expert Patrick Woodroffe designed its lighting system and effects. In this club, you can enjoy the outstanding performances and high-quality sound of top DJs. The nightclub in the basement is open from Friday to Sunday from 5:00 PM to 2:00 AM. On Fridays and Saturdays, it is open from 5:00 PM to 5:00 AM. There is a lot of champagne here. You can get any drink you need in this club. Bottle and table service can be enjoyed at the same time.

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