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America's southernmost city|KEY WEST |

Updated: Feb 16

Every year, the largest sea racing event in the southernmost city in the United States is held in Key West, and you can see a variety of cool designs and speed boats! The crowds of tourists, contestants and supporters have gathered here for this event these days! You can see all kinds of different types of boats in this event, which will open the eyes of "boats"!If you are a boat fan, you must not miss this annual event!

At the southernmost pier, you can see many racing boats with amazing designs and great value. These racing boats are very different from a class of yachts and fishing boats. Because they are for the purpose of racing speed, most of them look like rockets. Same, very cool! On a wall not far from the pier, many flat stickers of different designs are affixed to the whole iron cabinet to form an advertising wall, which is very interesting!

In Key West, because it is very close to Cuba, you must try Cuban coffee when you come here. This Cuban coffee is basically the best after ordering, take it out or sit on the small lounge chair next to it, There are long queues in the early morning, and it is also one of the must-see tourist attractions.


In Key West Key West, if you don't know how to arrange the route at the beginning, it is strongly recommended that you can take a bus to take you roughly all the major attractions, a very practical helper

There will be some stops along the way, so that you can rest and take pictures. It is the southernmost point of the United States, and the seaside scenery is very beautiful!

And some chalets by the sea, old-fashioned buildings!

The Lighthouse Museum is one of the historical indicators of Key West. The ancient people's legs are really strong, because you can only climb the stairs to the top of this lighthouse! ! But all the effort is worth it! The view from the top! ! ! !

And 90 miles across is Cuba's iconic sights! !

Must visit if you are a party animal and love to have a drink with friends or family in the evening !

Dante's Pool Bar & Restaurant

Centennial Seafood Restaurant.

Their LOGO is very interesting, seafood is delicious, very fresh, and the dessert Key Lime Pie is highly recommended!

The well-known and lively street Duval Street Duval Street, with live music, art galleries, coffee shops, first-class restaurants, small shops, etc., this street is a city that never sleeps at night! !

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