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An unforgettable new catamaran experience

Updated: Jan 28

I was deeply influenced by the sailing vacation lifestyle of the TV series

「 Below Deck 」, so I decided to go to experience the "catamaran" and plan an extraordinary sailing vacation!

During this pandemic, the tourism industry has been severely affected. People are worried about the need to travel by plane or stay in a restaurant because of the journey, being trapped in a confined space, and going to restaurants, or any crowds and air. Or the fear of indirect contact with droplets. The catamaran travel method is just in line with this tight epidemic period, and make sure that you have been vaccinated, with double protection, pack a week’s clothing, and you are ready to go on the road safely. Not only can you have an independent meeting space with your family, friends or important partners, but also the catamaran will be led by the captain during the cruise. This cruise is almost always outdoors, with a fully open space. , Nature is like your living room on this trip, with the most direct and intimate contact!

Guided tour of the internal equipment of the catamaran >>>

A catamaran is a two-hull ship that connects more than two slender hulls horizontally. The forward speed of the conjoined ship can withstand large winds and waves at sea and is not easy to capsize. The slender hull can be greatly reduced at high speeds. The resistance of the hull, because the resistance is smaller than that of a single body, the width of the ship is wider and more stable. It is very suitable for family sailing, leisure and relaxation, whether it is family vacation, leisure and entertainment, business communication catamaran in Europe and America It is also very popular. In addition to the luxurious and comfortable internal equipment, if you are a lover of water leisure activities, then this is a great new travel option with several strokes, because you can stop the boat at the same time as the captain. At time, water sports, kayaking, jet skiing, snorkeling, fishing, canoeing, stand-up paddling...all can be put together on a catamaran and set off together!

The scenery along the way is beautiful, when the wave sword is on the ship, it is very comfortable, and the skyline that you can look around is very beautiful!

Playing in the water is a very physically demanding activity. After some experience of water activities, there is a meal time. Do you think that there should be only some dry food and fast food on the boat? Woolen cloth?

I never thought that the captain and waiter’s cooking skills would not lose to a 5-star hotel. I would briefly discuss the meal that day with them. They only asked me what I wanted to eat. Actually, they all really come out! Western, Chinese, Japanese, French, Mexican...

Everything that should come out! ! ! And it is very delicious and delicious, giving you the illusion of being in a Michelin restaurant, making us very happy!

Outdoor BBQ and outdoor sea view bar ! !

The first experience of snorkeling is both stressful and exciting, because you must learn basic blessing knowledge from the coach in advance, otherwise you will not sink at all, or you will not be able to breathe and drink water, or even cause ear pain due to water pressure, etc. ...These are basic common sense that is very important before snorkeling. The world in the water is also very beautiful. You can see many creatures, all kinds of fish and plants swimming around you, and If you can’t swim, it’s okay. You can put on a life jacket or use a lifebuoy to tie you to the boat so that you can move freely within a safe range that everyone can see!

The experience of catamaran sailing may me feel time going so fast and fun. I still can't forget the sense of movement of floating on the boat. I hope the next catamaran tour will come again!


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