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Dia:Beacon極簡主義美術館 | Beacon NY


Dia:Beacon由Dia 藝術基金會創立。 Dia藝術基金會是由三位創始人於1974年在紐約成立, 他們所選擇的名字Dia,是希臘語中的"through"、“通過"的意思, Dia:Beacon的成立也為Beacon小鎮帶來了前所未有的生機。自建成以來的十多年間,它已經讓Beacon這個名不見經傳的小鎮成為了世界聞名的極簡藝術和大地藝術的大本營。 Dia :Beacon位於Hudson River沿線的Beacon小鎮, 從紐約中央車站火車出發或自駕從紐約市大概1小時20分鐘左右到達。下一期我們將探尋充滿活力的古老小鎮Beacon。

Dia: Beacon was founded by the Dia Art Foundation. The Dia Art Foundation was established in New York in 1974 by three founders, they chose the name Dia, which means "through" in Greek, The establishment of Dia:Beacon also brought unprecedented vitality to the town of Beacon. In the more than ten years since its establishment, it has made Beacon, a little-known town, become the world-famous base of minimalist art and land art. Dia: Beacon is located in the small town of Beacon along the Hudson River. It takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes to arrive from New York City by train from Grand Central Station or by drive. The next episode, we will explore the vibrant ancient town of Beacon.

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