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紐約上州比肯小鎮 |Beacon NY|


Beacon小鎮於1913年創建 隨著國際知名的Dia:Beacon美術館, 在Beacon前Nabisco盒子印刷廠的建立, 使Beacon成為紐約上州最主要的文化中心之一。 BEACON小鎮的地理位置在比肯山和哈德遜河之間, 從紐約市的中央車站搭乘開往紐約上州的通勤火車Hudson Line約九十分鐘的時間便可以抵達Beacon, 到達小鎮還有Beacon免費的bus, 從周一到週六全天免費。從Beacon火車站北站或Dia:Beacon可乘坐。

Beacon town was founded in 1913 With the establishment of the internationally renowned Dia: Beacon Art Museum in the former Beacon Nabisco box printing plant Beacon become one of the most major cultural centers in Upstate New York Beacon is located between Mount Beacon and the Hudson River it takes about 90 minutes to reach Beacon from New York City's Grand Central on the Hudson Line commuter train bound for Upstate New York. There is also a free Beacon bus when you arrive in the town It is free all day from Monday to Saturday It is available from Beacon Railway Station North Station or Dia: Beacon

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