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Long Island, New York-Montauk Lighthouse, Riverhead Town, Hampton Beach

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Long Island is an important place for New Yorkers to travel in the suburbs. It takes about three hours from the city to the farthest east of Long Island, which is a very suitable distance for one to two days travel. After driving for about two hours from the city to Long Island, you will encounter the north-south bifurcation (near Riverhead). To the north is North Fork, Greenport and other areas. Please see this article for recommended attractions in the north, and Hampton to the south. Montauk and other districts. Today this article mainly introduces the scenic spots in the south. This article will continue to update XD as I go more times. Currently, the recommended places are places I have personally visited. (After the introduction, I looked back and found that they were all eaten...Because the weather was bad this time, I only went to these places. I will work hard next time.)

1. Montauk Lighthouse

Everyone should have heard of it here. It is the easternmost part of Long Island! If you drive there, in addition to the parking lot, you also have to pay for the entrance ticket to the lighthouse. Because I have been to the lighthouse in Maine before and feel the same, so I don’t have to spend any money. I went into the lighthouse to see, but here I found a view of the scenery after entering it for everyone to enjoy.

If, like us, you don’t want to spend money to go in, you can go to the nearby landscape restaurant to eat and drink. It’s also very comfortable to watch the sea blowing.

2. East Hampton

Everyone should have seen Hampton’s name in movies. New York’s richest people like to stay in the mansion here to escape the heat. If I can’t afford to live in a mansion, I can only come here to eat oysters and seafood XD. The oysters and clams at Bostwick's Chowder House are very fresh. There are outdoor seats, the whole atmosphere is very good and it feels like being on the seaside, but tacos are very ordinary... So if you are nearby, you can come and eat. If you are not nearby, you don’t have to come here.

3. Riverhead

The main introduction here is a brewery, two restaurants and a farm:

*Jamesport Farm Brewery-is one of the most distinctive breweries I have been to. It is a rural style, the outdoor seating area is very large, the grass is very green, and it is very comfortable to drink beer while blowing the air here. If you don't want to bask in the sun or rain, the indoor space is also very large and comfortable, which is suitable for friends or families. There are many choices for wine, from IPA to cider, to meet various needs, you can also order beer flight, you can have four glasses of 4-ounce beer for $12, which is a good choice for people who love beer. opportunity.

*Jerry and the Mermaid-The restaurant by the river (but you can't see the river well), the restaurant looks inconspicuous, but the food is really delicious! We ordered clams and salmon spaghetti, so many clams The juice is fresh and sweet, the salmon is fried just right, but the inside is very soft on the outside, but relatively ordinary, not very flavorful. But all in all, the service and the food are worth it. The aquarium is next to the restaurant, so you can enjoy it.

*Farm Country Kitchen-A super favorite restaurant. It looks like a private house, but when you come closer, it is really unique. The house is built by the river. If you sit on the windowsill and have a meal, you can directly see the river (but these seats must be reserved in advance because they are very popular). The outdoor seating design is very rustic and makes people feel very relaxed. The decoration inside is also quite design, the point is that the food is super delicious, which can be compared with the fancy restaurant in Manhattan!!

*Briermere Farms-a small farmer's market, but he found on the Internet that his blueberry pie is very famous, many people drive to eat it, but because we have to buy a large piece at a time, we still have a trip to eat, so This time I didn't buy it and I can't tell everyone what it tastes like.😢

4. Hampton Bay

What I want to introduce here is a restaurant + bar-RUMBA. I walked in a heated Bihai tropical style. From the name of the store, it can be seen that the main bartenders are also based on tropical rum. As soon as you approach this bar, you can feel the strong tropical style, whether it is the staff or the interior decoration. , Food and wine are very tropical. The most important selling point is the sea outside. Walking along the long plank road is very atmospheric. At dusk, you can sit on the bar to watch the sunset, or walk along the plank road to take pictures. Very atmosphere!

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